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Do you want to migrate to Canada? Do you qualify to apply under the Express Entry system? Do you want to sponsor a relative or a spouse to, or in Canada? Do you want to study, work in, or visit Canada?

ELIE NASRALLAH is a well known, widely respected and recommended Immigration Consultant who has been practicing in the City of Ottawa since 1997.

Elie Nasrallah is a Full Member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), membership number R416303.

Among the 3 best immigration consultants in Ottawa in 2019! Elie Nasrallah is a frequent public speaker, television personality, radio show guest and a writer/commentator on various immigration matters in major Canadian newspapers, international publications, and media outlets.

Elie was named one of the Top 25 People in the Capital for 2016 by Ottawa Life Magazine!

Winner of Consumer Choice Award for 2019In 2019 Elie Nasrallah was the winner of the Consumer Choice Award as a chosen top immigration regulated consultant in the City of Ottawa, Canada.

*New* Express Entry applications are welcome for qualified individuals.

Winner of Consumer Choice Award for 2019
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